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​Peco is an Irish artist who's music is a blend of indie-rock, folk, and pop. His songs are guitar based with a strong emphasis on melody and lyrics. Peco generally has something to say but likes to do so with a hook or two! His many influences include The Cure, REM, Pixies, Bob Dylan, The Frames, Wilco, The National, Ryan Adams and James. He released his debut EP 'And So I Arrived At The Start' in October 2017 and his debut solo album, 'The Middle Ages' is being released 15th February 2019. 

Hailing from from Kildare, before going solo he was the singer-songwriter behind folk-rock act Valentine Black. The band enjoyed critical acclaim for their album ‘Desire Lines’ and the three singles lifted from it. They toured around Ireland, the UK, America and Canada. Previous to that he played in a number of bands over the years including, prog-rock outfit Bright Light Fiasco, and folk-pop band Pedestrienne, both of whom enjoyed local success with singles and high profile Irish gigs.

Peco's songs have received airplay on regional and national stations in Ireland and abroad. His song, 'Retrospect' debuted on US TV last year. 'Safe Haven' was a Finalist in both The USA Songwriting Competition and The International Acoustic Music Awards. 'Self Help - A Beginner's Guide' was recently placed as a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition and a finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards. He has also twice reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest with his songs 'Retrospect' and 'Love Oceans'. 
He is signed to Live Loud Music and to date has released one EP 'And So I Arrived At The Start' in 2017 and two singles; 'Safe Haven' (2016) and 'Self Help - A Beginner's Guide' (2017).

'The Middle Ages' is out 15th Feb 2019 and next single 'Monster' is out 11th Jan 2019.