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'The Hard & The Wild'
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Peco is an Irish artist whose music is a blend of Folk, Americana and Indie-Rock. His songs combine strong melodies with insightful and imaginative lyrics. Peco has something to say but likes to do so with a hook or two!

"Lyrics match spirit in McLouglin’s music; he’s a poet as well as a musician” (Irish Echo). 

"...Feels like the average man talking to you...With the talented penmanship and a melodies that you can’t help but bob along to, Peco is an artist to keep your eyes on." (Eirceanna)

​“There's something strikingly likeable about this troubadour's music and lyrics, maybe because it has a warm familiarity, more likely it's the entire package..." (Remy's Music  & Film)

"With so many singer/songwriters on the circuit it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. There’s one sure way however to give your music a warm glow of charm, integrity and individuality, something that Irish artist Peco McLoughlin has down already." (Belwood Music)


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