Peco McLoughlin, who hails from Kildare, is a songwriter and his music is as driven by words as it is by notes. His voice sounds Dylanesque, which is fitting, given his lyricism…If his current single releases, “Grace Isn’t Easy” and “Harbour Master,” are any indication, the album will be full of energy and narrative. Lyrics match spirit in McLouglin’s music; he’s a poet as well as a musician.


With so many singer/songwriters on the circuit it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. There’s one sure way however to give your music a warm glow of charm, integrity and individuality, something that Irish artist Peco McLoughlin has down already. Peco’s debut EP offers an insightful snapshot of this assured and talented songwriter.


There's something strikingly likeable about this troubadour's music and lyrics, maybe because it has a warm familiarity, more likely it's the entire package, Peco's a positive guy, but his lyrics aren't naive or meaningless, they're backed up with thought and a restrained but intent-filled passion. Musically the song is wholesome, drums, keys and the gorgeous country blues guitar riff just before the 3 minute mark fill the spaces around his voice perfectly evenly, a voice that has an unexpectedly broad range. The more Peco releases the more we'll get to see the bigger picture and in his first two offerings he's giving us cause for great expectations.


Peco - an artist I don't want to share! He's my best kept secret. Each release is always better than the previous one.


Yet another fantastic release from a great ambassador of Irish music, Peco. I’ve been a fan of Peco for a long time and he gets better every single time. His new single ‘Monster’ deserves great recognition and I’m looking forward to playing it.


Kildare's Peco has a knack for an indie-rock song with a great melody. Definitely one to watch and a breath of fresh air.


His lyrics are honest, impressive and hard hitting, the descriptive imagery had me right there with him…Peco has an excellent voice, he brings his emotions to the right places in the song…He uses his undeniable skills of music and lyric writing to express what needs to be said…he’s an advocate and a leader. There are echoes of Dylan and Jeff Buckley about him…A contender for the best Irish male artist that we will have for some time to come.


Peco's voice has a lovely MOR feel about it. I mean that in the best way possible. It's reminiscent of Colin Meloy of The Decemberists. It's amenable and feels like the average man talking to you…Peco is obviously a talented songwriter…The acoustic stripped back approach allows his words to shine. "Harbour Master" is a great example of this. Bursting into life with a real old sea-shanty feel to it, the tune builds into a fearsome chorus. Not bad for one man and his guitar…With the talented penmanship and a melodies that you can’t help but bob along to, Peco is an artist to keep your eyes on.


Listening to Peco the solid folk-acoustic sound becomes instantly clear. ‘Harbour Master’ boasts an effortless acoustic range with just the right tempo to get cocooned among smooth vocals that ooze an air of Bob Dylan at points. In a complete contrast to this, ‘Safe Haven’ takes it all right back down for a much slower offering of slower acoustics and a more distinctive vocal…Even listening to a sample of his work gives a flavour of his diversity as an artist, and I’ve no doubt that there’s plenty of more to come from his emerging repertoire.